Why join the Christian, Non-Profit, or Business Buying Network?
  • Save your organization thousands of dollars buying things you purchase every day.

  • Work together with hundreds other camps, non-profits, ministries and businesses by consolidating your buying power with their buying power and saving everyone money.

  • Harness the buying power of this network with other organizations purchasing millions of dollars in products.

  • It's free and there is no obligation.

What can I buy through the network?
  • Program supplies, bulk food, sporting goods, craft supplies, paper products, cleaning supplies, office products, graphic and web design, marketing services

  • Kitchen equipment, maintenance equipment, plumbing supplies, electrical supplies

  • Metal buildings, propane, energy products, green energy technologies

  • Literally thousands of other products.

Do I have to switch vendors?
  • We work mostly with national vendors who can cover a large portion of the country and most of our members.

  • In many cases you are already doing business with our vendors, so you just get better pricing with the same vendor.

  • We work with vendors like Lowe's, Columbia Steel Buildings, Staples, Summit Payroll,

  • Suburban Propane, Ferrellgas,, Genesis/EPI, and others.

  • When our pricing is more competitive and shipping is mostly free, it sometimes makes sense to switch vendors.

What if I do not want to use one or more of your agreements?
  • Our network has no obligation to use any of our negotiated contracts.

  • Go ahead and use your local vendor. We just want you to save the most money while not sacrificing quality and price.

What kinds of savings can I see on products?
  • Typically 8-25% on bulk food

  • 20-40% on paper supplies, and cleaning supplies

  • 20-50% on office supplies

  • 10-50% on propane

  • 20-40% on maintenance equipment

  • 20-40% on sporting goods

  • 5-30% on building products

  • 5-25% on credit card processing

How is your buying network different from other networks?
  • We provide top-notch customer service.

  • We are always working on your behalf to save you money.

  • If you have a problem, you can come to us and we'll help resolve it.

  • We want your feedback. We are always growing the network to include more products you purchase.

  • If there are particular products you purchase regularly, we will try to find a resource for those products.

How does the Network make money
  • Each vendor pays the network an administrative fee based on what our members purchase.
    Typically that fee is 1-3% of what members purchase. However, on some smaller volume purchases the percentage is 3-5%.

  • The only way we make money is if your organization saves money and buys through our network.

This sounds too good to be true. Can you give me proof you can save us money?
  • Just fax us 3-5 food invoices, or one credit card statement, or 3-4 office supply invoices and we will do a no-cost comparison for you to show you the savings.

  • At your request we can send along references for you to call and ask how the network is working for them.

How do I sign up my organization?
  • To join our Network and start saving money, click here.